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We understand how crucial the perfect match between a professional and a company is, and we excel at bringing the right people together ASAP. We value individuality but believe that personality unfolds within a team.

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  • Expertise

    Successful cases, verified specialists, deep knowledge of the nuances of recruitment in Cyprus, and relocation details — all of this allows us to connect the best employers and employees in the right location and field

  • Support

    We are not just your typical HR agency, but a whole community of supporters and professional advisors, caring and empathetic specialists, with our own unique vibe

  • Efficiency

    Instead of spending enormous team resources and engaging in a complex search, we offer an efficient and streamlined hiring process

Our team

The Tribe community starts with those who have once independently navigated the entire hiring process in Cyprus or relocated their own business, dealt with local laws, and hired their first specialists. Our team has proven experience with real cases, reviews, and insights. Our extensive business network in Cyprus allows us to select verified job opportunities and recommend the best specialists for them. Our knowledge of relocation details makes the process easy and fast. We have gone through stages of fear, excitement, and anxiety ourselves, so now we want to provide professional and effective assistance to both sides of the process.

  • Support at every stage

  • Provide an exclusive access

  • Achieve the excellent results


Senior Frontend Developer (Vue.js)


  • Creating a new Nuxt + TypeScript web application (Micro Frontend) and administrative part
  • Supporting the existing administrative solution on Vue.js
  • Developing complex frontend logic


  • Experience with Vue.js and TypeScript
  • Willingness to work with old projects and write complex client logic
  • Preference for candidates who do not require transitioning from ReactJS to Vue.js
Senior PHP Developer FinTech (Symfony)


  • Development and maintenance of our product's backend
  • Library development
  • Bug searching and fixing
  • Integration development with various external systems
  • Service optimization for high loads


  • Minimum 3 years of commercial PHP development experience
  • Good knowledge of OOP, ability to apply design patterns in practice
  • Experience with message brokers like Kafka / RabbitMQ / Redis
  • Experience in writing high-load systems
  • Experience with PHP-based MVC frameworks
  • Code optimization experience and working with various data stores (relational databases, key-value stores)
Data Engineer


  • Structuring unstructured data from various dynamic sources to a format necessary for analysts and data scientists
  • Developing functionality to automate data collection, processing, and storage
  • Extracting and storing features from data for machine learning algorithm application
  • Delivering data to ML pipelines
  • Ensuring and supporting the data architecture used by data scientists and data analysts
  • Interacting with monitoring tools (Grafana, Kibana)


  • Strong knowledge of SQL
  • Proficiency in Python
  • Experience in developing data schemas, knowledge of basic data warehousing methodologies
  • Experience with the Hadoop ecosystem: HDFS, Hive, Kafka, Spark, Impala
  • Experience with databases (ClickHouse, PostgreSQL), creating data marts
  • Experience automating data pipelines (Airflow, etc.)
Data Scientist


  • Assessing business goals, business metrics, algorithms, and machine learning methods, as well as available and required data
  • Formulating and testing hypotheses
  • Extracting features from data for machine learning algorithm application (Feature Engineering)
  • Developing predictive models
  • Planning and analyzing A/B testing of models in production
  • Developing necessary components of ML pipelines


  • Proficient in Python
  • Experience with Data Science libraries and frameworks such as pandas, sklearn, scipy, matplotlib, catboost, etc.
  • Knowledge of basic statistical analysis and its application
  • Understanding of A/B testing
  • Understanding of classical methods and algorithms of machine learning, with practical application experience
  • Basic knowledge of SQL queries
International Lawyer (Cyprus)


  • Provide legal support for the process of obtaining offshore gambling licenses or trademarks
  • Provide legal support for companies after obtaining licenses
  • Register legal entities, interact with banks, open accounts in banks and payment systems, and respond to inquiries from banks and payment solutions
  • Develop documents (contracts, additional agreements, etc.) - develop new forms/templates, verify correctness, make amendments/changes, including in English
  • Handle complaints (prepare responses to complaints, appeal them)
  • Willingness to apply for new licenses to operate in various jurisdictions (company organization and trademark registration)


  • Higher legal education
  • Relevant work experience in licensing companies related to the gambling sector (ideally, experience with offshore licenses) from 1 year
  • Upper-intermediate level or higher of English
  • Experience working with European and international jurisdictions (IOM, BVI, etc.), as an advantage
  • Experience participating in compliance procedures
  • Skills in developing contracts and agreements with international counterparts

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